Google Ads Case Study

Google Ads Case Study

Home Remodeling Project

6 Figure Home Remodeling Project From Google Ads

When April, a seasoned designer specializing in comprehensive home remodels, partnered with us, she was already achieving success but aimed to substantially increase her annual revenue through targeted digital marketing strategies. Her primary goal was to enhance visibility and to have more control over her project pipeline.

Understanding that her website effectively attracted clientele, our task was to identify what potential remodeling clients nearby were searching for and ensure her business ranked prominently on Google for those key terms.

In the first month of our Google Ads campaign management, a high-value lead—a doctor planning a major home renovation—clicked on our precisely targeted ad and contacted April. During her meticulous discovery process, which included an onsite consultation, April fully grasped the client’s vision, which initially had a budget of $60,000 and eventually turned into a 115,000$ whole home remodeling project.

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Key to Success: Strategic Keyword Targeting and Niche Marketing 


Our initial step was conducting an in-depth keyword analysis to identify what homeowners in April’s area were searching for related to remodeling. We aligned these keywords with April’s specific services—focusing on her ability to handle full-scope projects from concept to completion.

We crafted all campaign messaging to highlight April’s unique selling proposition: a ‘turnkey’ solution for busy homeowners seeking a hassle-free remodeling experience. This approach ensured that the ads attracted clients specifically looking for comprehensive, managed remodeling services.



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Results and Ongoing Partnership 

The campaign resulted in a direct, substantial return on investment with a $115,000 project from a single ad spend of $1,500. This success was not merely in generating leads but in attracting high-quality clients that matched April’s service offerings and project management expertise.

Conclusion: April’s ability to distinctly position her firm in the competitive remodeling market was pivotal. As we move forward, April continues to rely on our expertise as her digital marketing partner to sustain and expand her business, taking on more ambitious remodeling projects.

Engage with Us: If you operate a remodeling firm and are considering exploring paid advertising, we invite you to schedule a complimentary discovery call. This call is your opportunity for us to understand your business goals and discuss how targeted digital marketing can drive your business growth.

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